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The Inaugural Mumbling

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Come one, come all to the inaugural mumbling! These posts will be the playground for a wandering mind and the voice for a clinically shy creative.

Out in the real world - somewhere beyond the binary code - I exist as a real life human, and my name is Sarah. Despite efforts to remain hidden away as a happy hermit, I do find myself interacting with other real life humans from time to time - and when that happens, my mind tends to turn to mush. I stutter, and I stumble, and I mumble. Herein lies the purpose of this post and those to follow...

This blog will be a vehicle to my voice, a safe container for exploring and articulating my inner world. Given who I am and what I do, the topics will primarily pertain to life as a creative. My goal is to share ongoing projects and any relevant insight I may obtain along the way. Moreover, I will tell these tales with my signature sarcasm and brutally dry wit, ultimately leaving you with a moment of levity or a fast pass to existential spiraling.

Join me as I navigate the wonderful world of self-employment as a chronic workaholic!

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